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Question 4: Plate Identification - 8 points

In this problem, all you had to do was label the following items on the map I gave you:

  1. San Andreas Fault
  2. Pacific Plate
  3. Aleutian Trench
  4. Indo-Australian Plate
  5. Mid-Atlantic Ridge
There were five items, so five of the points for this problem come from labeling these items correctly on the map.

The other part of the problem was to tell me what kind of plate boundaries the plate boundaries I gave you were. Three of the items listed above are plate boundaries, and here's what kinds they are:

For some reason, many people were confused and thought that they needed to label what kind of plate boundaries the Pacific and Indo-Australian Plates are. You didn't have to do that, because they aren't plate boundaries, they are plates! The Pacific and Indo-Australian have plate boundaries (all three kinds, in fact), but they are not plate boundaries themselves.

I've put the names of the various items in the proper places on the world map below.

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Greg Anderson
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