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Question 2 - 6 points

Here, things are only slightly more complicated than they are in question 1. The complication is that there is an unconformity between layers A and B (in outcrop 1). Again, the patterns are significant, and if you look at outcrop 3, you will find that layers A and G are the same, as well as layers B and J. However, there is no unconformity in outcrop 3, so you can use outcrop 3 to ``fill in the gap'' between layers A and B.

The correct chronological ordering (with oldest first) is: F, D/E, C/K, B/J, I, H, G/A. Layer F is the oldest, and layers G and A are the same youngest layer. Layers I and H are the layers missing in outcrop 1.

Greg Anderson
Tue Mar 11 18:16:04 PST 1997