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Question 3 - 10 points

The rocks in the figure for Question 3 were, relatively speaking, fairly undisturbed. To be sure, they had been folded and a granitic body intruded into the layers, no doubt causing some contact metamorphism (not that you could tell that from the picture, don't worry!). However, the folding was relatively gentle, and there were no overturned folds or faults or unconformities (other than the intrusion). So the history is fairly simple. Here it is, in the form of a list:

  1. First, layer C was laid down.
  2. Next, layer B was laid down.
  3. Layer A was laid down.
  4. Layers A-C were folded into gentle anticlines and synclines.
  5. Finally, a localized granitic body intruded into the layers and cooled.
A list like the one above is all I was looking for.

Greg Anderson
Tue Mar 11 18:16:04 PST 1997