ES 10 -- Exams and Review Sessions

Midterm Exam
Friday, 6 February 1998

The midterm exam is 25% of your grade in ES 10 and will take place in class on Friday, 6 February. Greg ran a review session for the midterm on Monday, 2 February at 6:30 PM in Center Hall 214.

The practice midterm exam has been placed online, along with the answers to the questions on the practice exam. Note that Lisa wrote the exams, and questions about them should be directed to her.

Final Exam

The final exam is 50% of your grade in ES 10. Here's some relevant information for the exam, both the early and regularly-scheduled final.

What to bring:

When and where:

What to Study:

Greg's Review Sessions

Read the practice final. Answers will be given out at the review sessions.

Also, the practice final answers are available. But still, you should attend one of the two review sessions.

Be sure to attend one of the two review sessions:

Blue Planet Reading

Study page numbers
number of questions
on exam
Lectures 6
Energy 12-15 2
Solar system 29-35 1
Terrestrial planets 35-38 6
Source of Sun's energy 49-51 1
Solar spectrum 53-55 1
Earthquakes and earth interior 71-89 7
Minerals and rocks 91-107 2
Magma and volcanoes 113-131 3
Plate Tectonics 137-154 8
Earth's evolving crust 159-191 3
World Ocean 195-216 5
Groundwater 236-241 1
Earth climate 361-385 1
Changing atmosphere 477-487 2

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Greg Anderson
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