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David Sandwell dsandwell@ucsd.edu


Seminar class, noformal lectures, no exams, no letter grade

Wednesdays11:00-11:50 AM, Munk Conference Room


OBJECTIVES:  The objectives of this seminar course are to learn both thebasics of InSAR and also go over some of the applications. There will be someintroductory lectures, and each participant will lead the discussion on thetopic of the day. We will have some homework problems to help the participantsto learn some of the more difficult material or review some basics.





Discussion Leader



Massonnet and Feigl, 1998

Yuri Fialko





13 OCT

SAR Image Formation

Review of orbits

Interferometry - correlated signals/geometry

review of SAR basics

SAR image formation - get raw data

orbit geometry notes

Curlander and McDonough (p. 1-26)

David Sandwell

20 OCT

Interferometry: Principles and applications

Elachi (Ch. 6)

insar geometry notes

Yuri Fialko

27 OCT

2-D phase unwrapping

class notes

Zebker and Lu, 1998

Goldstein et al., 1988

Rob Mellors

Homework 3


Homework/Lab review

class notes

Dave Sandwell
Yuri Fialko

10 NOV


Lundgren et al., 2003;
Amelung and Bell, 2003

Karen Luttrell
John Blum
Yuri Fialko





17 NOV


Bamber et al., 2000;
Joughin and Padman, 2003

Jeremy Bassis

Yuri Fialko

24 NOV

Topographic recovery/Atmospheric effects

Li and Goldstein, 1990

Zebker et al., 1994a

Simons et al., 2002

Joseph Becker
Vince Morton


Ground subsidence/Hydrology

Schmidt and Burgmann, 2003

Hoffmann et al., 2003

Jeff Eddo
Davis Thomsen
Yuri Fialko


Project presentations 

project description







SIO 239 SUGGESTED BOOKS (some on reserve at SIO Library):

Bracewell, Ronald Newbold, 1921-. The Fourier transform and itsapplications, [by] Ron Bracewell. New York, McGraw-Hill [1965] viii, 381 p.illus. 23 cm. Series title: McGraw-Hill electrical and electronic engineeringseries UCSD Scripps QA403.5 .B7

Bendat, Julius S.. Random data : analysis and measurement procedures /,Julius S. Bendat, Allan G. Piersol. 2nd ed., rev. and expanded. New York:Wiley, c1986. xvii, 566 p. UCSD Scripps TA340 .B43 1986

Curlander, John C.. Synthetic aperture radar : systems and signal processing/, John C. Curlander, Robert N. McDonough. New York : Wiley, c1991. xvii, 647 p.: ill. ; 24 cm. Series title: Wiley series in remote sensing Language: EnglishUCSD S & E TK6592.S95 C87 1991

Elachi, C., Introduction to the Physics and Techniques of Remote Sensing, .New York: Wiley, c1987. xvii, 413 p.

Ghiglia, Dennis C.. Two-dimensional phase unwrapping : theory, algorithms,and software /, Dennis C. Ghiglia, Mark D. Pritt. New York : Wiley, c1998. xiv,493 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

Computer-based exercises for signal processing using MATLAB 5 /, James H.McClellan ... [et al.] Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c1998. xii,404 p. : ill.; 28 cm. Series title: The MATLAB curriculum series Relatedtitles: Signal processing using MATLAB 5

Spotlight-mode synthetic aperture radar : a signal processing approach /,Charles V. Jakowatz, Jr. ... [et al.]. Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers,c1996. 429 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Language: English

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