ALOS-2 and Sentinel-1A observation of the M7.8 Kaikoura earthquake in New Zealand

Xiaopeng Tong, Xiaohua Xu, David T. Sandwell, Dan Bassett

This earthquake occurred on Nov 14, 2016 (NZDT) in the South Island, New Zealand, near the plate boundary between the Australia plate and the Pacific plate.  It was a M7.8 earthquake that broke multiple faults, near the northeast coast of the South Island and the tourist town Kaikoura. The earthquake involves fault slip on the Marlborough fault system. The investigation of this earthquake and faults is still on-going. On Dec 7, it is reported from GNS Science that nine faults were involved.  Here we present InSAR observations of this earthquake from ALOS-2 (JAXA) and Sentinel-1A (ESA) satellite, including line-of-sight displacement and pixel offsets. The data is processed with GMT5SAR. The line-of-sight displacement data is available for downloading. It has the format as follows: longitude, latitude, elevation, east-look, north-look, vertical-look, los displacement (mm), uncertainties.  A google earth kmz file is available for viewing.

(Left) Line-of-sight displacement from Sentinel-1A ascending TOPS inteferogram (11/03/2016-11/15/2016) (Right)  Line-of-sight displacement from ALOS2 ScanSAR descending interferogram (10/18/2016 -- 11/15/2016). Red means toward line-of-sight direction.  


(left) Line-of-sight displacement from ALOS2 ascending interferogram (10/6/2016 -- 11/17/2016). (middle) pixel offsets in range; blue color means away from line-of-sight direction. (right) pixel offsets in azimuth; blue means southeastward motion. 


(left) pixel offsets in range from ALOS-2 ScanSAR descending interferogram (10/18/2016 -- 11/15/2016); red means toward line-of-sight direction. (right) pixel offsets in azimuth, red means southwestward motion.

Line-of-sight displacement from ALOS2 ScanSAR ascending interferogram (8/11/2016 -- 12/01/2016). Red means toward line-of-sight direction.