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Free Web Book
This Dynamic Earth: The story of Plate Tectonics
W. Jacqueline Kious and Robert I. Tilling
U.S. Geological Survey
Optional Reading
Walk Along the Ocean
Wolf Berger
$4.95 at the Aquarium Bookstore
Stardust to Planets: A Geological Tour of the Universe
H.Y. McSween, Jr., St. Martin's Griffin, ISBN 0-312-13188-7
$14.95 at the UCSD Bookstore
The Ocean Basins: Their Structure and Evolution
The Open University, Butterworth Heineman, ISBN - 0-08-036365-2
$29.95 at the UCSD Bookstore
Earthquakes and Faults in San Diego County
Phillip Kern, The Pickle Press
$8.95 at the UCSD Bookstore



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