ES 10 -Lectures 25 and 26

Partial Review of Course

David Sandwell

The course covers a wide range of material and one cannot be expected to know everything that was discussed in lectures. During these two review lectures, I tried to highlight things that will be on the exam and also point out things that will not be on the exam.

The table below shows where answers to the questions on the exam can be found in the book. This should serve as a study guide. There are many questions on plate tectonics so if you have time read This Dynamic Earth.

The asterisk (*) in the table below indicates topics covered during the in-class review sessions.

Blue Planet Reading

Study page numbers
number of questions
on exam
Lectures 6
Energy * 12-15 2
Solar system 29-35 1
Terrestrial planets* 35-38 6
Source of Sun's energy 49-51 1
Solar spectrum* 53-55 1
Earthquakes and earth interior* 71-89 7
Minerals and rocks 91-107 2
Magma and volcanoes 113-131 3
Plate Tectonics* 137-154 8
Earth's evolving crust 159-191 3
World Ocean* 195-216 5
Groundwater 236-241 1
Earth climate 361-385 1
Changing atmosphere* 477-487 2

Also, here is Greg's list of things you ought to know about earthquakes:

David Sandwell