Space Geodesy - SIO 237


Xiaohua (Eric) Xu

David Sandwell

Yehuda Bock


Seminar class, no formal lectures, no exams, no letter grade, GNSS field survey in March

Friday1:00-3:00 PM, Munk Conference Room

OBJECTIVES:  The objectives of this seminar course are to learn the basics of InSAR and InSAR processing using GMTSAR. GNSS processing and applications. There will be one field trip (optional) to the North Shore section of the San Andreas fault to perform a GNSS survey across the fault.


Slides Discussion Leader
10 JAN
InSAR Theory
17 JAN
InSAR Applications PPT
24 JAN
GNSS Theory, GNSS handbook [Chap. 25] , Bock and Melgar, 2016 [through Section 3] PPT Bock
31 JAN GNSS Applications, Bock and Melgar, 2016 [Section 3 to end] PPT
07 FEB
GNSS and InSAR integration, Klein et al., 2018
PPT1 PPT2 Guns, Bock / Xu
14 FEB
InSAR: Soil moisture and closure phase, De Zan et al., 2014
PPT Wes,
21 FEB
GNSS Processing Crash Course
PPT Bock
28 FEB
GMTSAR Processing Crash Course
06 MAR
Test and prepare equiment or PS surveys.

Sandwell, . . .
08-09 MAR Mexicali GPS survey with CICESE (optional)

Sandwell, Gonzalez, ...
14-15 MAR
North Shore GNSS Survey (optional)

Sandwell, Golriz, . .
20 MAR
Student Presentations


Teunissen, P., & Montenbruck, O. (Eds.). (2017). Springer handbook of global navigation satellite systems. Springer.

Bracewell, Ronald Newbold, 1921-. The Fourier transform and itsapplications, [by] Ron Bracewell. New York, McGraw-Hill [1965] viii, 381 p.illus. 23 cm. Series title: McGraw-Hill electrical and electronic engineeringseries UCSD Scripps QA403.5 .B7

Bendat, Julius S.. Random data : analysis and measurement procedures /,Julius S. Bendat, Allan G. Piersol. 2nd ed., rev. and expanded. New York:Wiley, c1986. xvii, 566 p. UCSD Scripps TA340 .B43 1986

Curlander, John C.. Synthetic aperture radar : systems and signal processing/, John C. Curlander, Robert N. McDonough. New York : Wiley, c1991. xvii, 647 p.: ill. ; 24 cm. Series title: Wiley series in remote sensing Language: EnglishUCSD S & E TK6592.S95 C87 1991

Elachi, C., Introduction to the Physics and Techniques of Remote Sensing, .New York: Wiley, c1987. xvii, 413 p.

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