Accelerometer Experiments - SIO Pier - October 25, 2003



Charles Abadie

Celeste Benham

Bryan Ishigami

Karen Rossmassler

David Sandwell

Stefan Llewellyn Smith (took photographs)


Experiment 1:

We stood on the pier and Charles was in the water on a surfboard.  We triggered the accelerometer, which is in a waterproof bag, and tossed it over the side of the pier to Charles.  He let it float in the water to collect data for 6 minutes.  Charles then recovered the bag, attached it to a rope, and we pulled it up.  We  downloaded the data onto the computer. 


Experiment 2:  show movie

This was basically the same experiment but Charles placed the accelerometer in front of him on the surfboard.  A change of battery was needed to improve communication. Again this experiment was 6 minutes long.


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