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Ph. D. Students:

Bohai Zhang - Geosat/ERM Altimeter Data Analysis for the Determination of Global Oceanic Mesoscale Variability - 1988
Christopher Small - Applications off Satellite Altimetry to Global Studies of Mid-Ocean Ridges and Continental Margins - 1993.
Catherine Johnson - The Geomagnetic Field Over the Last 5 Myr From Lava Flows, and Properties of the Venusian Lithopshere From Magellan Data - 1994.
Daniel Levitt - Lithospheric Bending at Subduction Zones and Geophysical Investigations of the Pukapuka Volcanic Ridge System - 1996.
Mara Yale - Modeling Upper Mantle Rheology with Numerical Experiments and Mapping Marine Gravity with Satellite Altimetry - 1997.
Evelyn Price - Coseismic and Postseismic Deformations Associated With the 1992 Landers, California, Earthquake Measured by Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry - 1999.
Suzanne Lyons - Investigations of fault creep in southern California using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar and GPS - 2002.
Bridget Smith - Three-dimensional Deformation and Stress Models:Exploring One-Thousand Years of Earthquake HistoryAlong the San Andreas Fault System - 2005.
JJ Becker - Improved Global Bathymetry, Global Sea Floor Roughness, and Deep Ocean Mixing - 2008.
Karen Luttrell - Stress in the Lithosphere from Non-Tectonic Loads with Implications fir Plate Boundary Processes - 2010.
Meng Wei - Observations and Modeling of Shallow Fault Creep Along the San Andreas Fault System - 2011.
Xiaopeng Tong - Geodetic Imaging of the Earthquake Cycle - 2013
Emmanuel Garcia - Marine Gravity Variations and the Strength of the Oceanic Lithosphere with Bending - 2016
Xiaohua (Eric) Xu - Earthquake Cycle Study with Geodetic Tools - 2017
John DeSanto - Measuring Seafloor Displacement using Repeated Sidescan Sonar Surveys - 2018
Yao Yu - Small-Scale Oceanic Variability from Satellite Altimetry - 2023
Hugh Harper - Gravity from altimetry, bathymetry from gravity, and tectonics from space - 2023

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