Early Final Exam Review Session

13 Mar 1998

The review session for the early final exam will happen on 13 March 1998 at 6 PM. I will hold the review in the Munk Conference Room at IGPP, which is part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. For those of you who have not been to SIO, here are a couple of maps.

In the first map, I have circled the Munk Building at SIO (Bldg 13). To get here by car, drive down La Jolla Shores Drive from campus to Biological Grade and then park in one of the parking lots available. Biological Grade is just uphill and across the street (on the west side of LJ Shores) from a big construction site (marked as Building 21).

You can also drive/walk down Expedition Way (across from the La Jolla Playhouse) to the Stephen Birch Aquarium/Museum. At the aquarium, turn right and drive downhill to reach LJ Shores and parking. I recommend the other route, down LJ Shores --- you are less likely to get lost that way.

I have marked the routes to the building in blue lines.

If you take the city bus down, get off the bus at the stop immediately after the pedestrian crossing over LJ Shores and walk west and down the stairs until you reach the Munk Building, shown in the figure below.

If you drive, from your parking lot, walk downhill along Biological Grade to the Munk Building. I will mark the east door (marked with a blue ``X'') with a sign and leave that door open for you. The Munk Conference Room is at the far west end of the Munk Building.

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Greg Anderson
Fri Mar 13 15:25:00 PST 1998