UCSD-IGPP SAR Research Group:


Senior Scientists


          Prof. David T. Sandwell

Research Interests:
  1. Thermal and mechanical structure of the oceanic lithosphere.
  2. Geodynamic applications of satellite altimetry.
  3. Subduction zones and tectonics on Venus.
  4. Intraplate deformation.
  5. Charting remote southern ocean areas with satellite altimeters.
  6. Marine Gravity Anomaly from Satellite Altimetry
  7. Predicted and Measured Seafloor Topography

          Prof. J. Bernard Minster

Research Interests:
  1. Propagation and attenuation of seismic waves.
  2. Nuclear monitoring by seismic means.
  3. Applications of space geodesy to the study of plate motions and deformation.
  4. Intermediate-term earthquake prediction.
  5. Precise airborne and spaceborne laser altimetry.

          Assist. Prof. Yuri Fialko

Research Interests:
  1. Satellite geodesy (InSAR)
  2. Rock deformation and fracture mechanics
  3. Physics of earthquakes
  4. Magma transport in the lithosphere
  5. Mid-ocean ridge tectonics

           Dr. Yehuda Bock

Research Interests
  1. Development of space geodetic methods.
  2. Crustal deformation studies using space geodesy.
  3. Positioning of dynamic geophysical platforms.
  4. SOPAC

           Prof. Duncan Agnew

Research Interests
  1. Crustal deformation studies using space geodesy
  2. Instrumentation to detect continuous and long-term crustal deformation

Post-Doctoral Researchers


             Suzanne Lyons

Research Interests
  1. Crustal deformation studies using GPS and InSAR
  2. Creep mechanisms in southern California
  3. Gravity modeling and lithosphere flexure studies
  4. Real-time positioning and kinematic GPS
  5. Resurfacing processes and impact crater formation


Graduate Students

            Bridget Smith

Research Interests
  1. Elastic deformation models of the San Andreas Fault
  2. Effects of topography on stress fields

            Allison Jacobs

Research Interests
  1. Postseismic deformation models of the 1995 Hector Mine Earthquake



            Karen Watson

          Karen Scott